Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

25 Oktober 2013

I dunno since when i like to write via text on my hp? o_O
This story come suddenly when i stood for waiting TM. I don't wanna lose this story so i typed it on my hp. Because i had good mood so i continue it, even that TM has already left. Hhhh... I dunno when i'll post my story again in this blog. Mian-hamnida, i'm very busy. Duty, mid test, and another problems are waiting for me! Hhh...

Honestly i am tired. I really want to get job and move to another city. Hello? Are you feel bored? Since you were a kid and untill now you're still in the same city? no experience to get out there? alone! just yourself! You find everything alone out there, such as friend, a place where you live, the way to get the place you want come to. Of course you want. But for exception if you're mom's kid, i mean can't go far from your fams because you'll miss them, you need them. Come on. Those all not a good reasons.

I'm an adult and i'm 20 years old now. It's okay for me if i want to do everything i want with myself. I also want to get money with my hand not from my parents. I'll be proud of myself then. Honestly, i don't like to spend my parents' money for my activities in my age now. Feel like... hmm... you know lah. hahahaha. In your 20 years old you had already finished your school and you want to watch some movies and sightseeing with your friends by using your parents' money? You spend their money just for fun? Maybe IDR 300000 or more just for fun on one month? oh pleaseeee...

I also bored by taking education (again). I had finished my school -which take 12 years to study hard- and then i get education again in the college. Thank you, but i dont wanna get any depression. So i'll take a job later. I have to. I should do it this year. No more pending time.

I will try my best so do you! Good luck! ;)

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