Kamis, 17 Oktober 2013

17 Oktober 2013

Well, I was stalking your timeline and found that I’m not following you. Honestly, I ever do that but in the seconds I follow you again. I found some our friends are not follow you too. It’s impossible! They’re not look like that. I know that they’re really love you! So do i! Are you the one who made it? I guess yes. But I found one girls who still following you and you also still follow her. Why? Is that because you still love her? Come on! There’s another girl, so many, outside! Don’t just look at her, but also another girl. Maybe there’s someone who really love you so much. But you don’t know it. Are you still want her till die? Crazy. You’re not my friend whom I know. You’re not anymore.
Dissapointed? Yes. Hahahaha. Eat that love! Give me know if you can bring her when you die. Hahahaha.
How can you do that to me?

From your lovely friend. :’)

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